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 central heating boilers liverpool

We offer the following services in Merseyside

  • Central heating planning, installation and maintenance.
  • Central heating boilers flushed or repaired.
  • Annual boiler servicing.
  • Landlords Certificates.
  • New build plumbing and heating.
  • Bathroom refits including tiling.
  • General plumbing including tap replacement, outside taps & leaks.

We will carry out a check of you central heating boiler and pipework before the installation is carried out. Once you have chosen the right system for you we will contact you to book a convenient appointment date and time to install the new system.

For Combi Boiler Swaps

Installation normally takes approximately 1 to 2 days to complete. Dependent on the boiler you already have we always fit a fernox Tf1 System cleaner (or similar) to keep the system clean unless you otherwise state you don’t want or need one but most manufactures prefer you to have one these days. We will remove and dispose of your existing boiler and connect up your new boiler to existing supplies already in place. Our price includes making good required when removing your old central heating boilers.

The price is for a standard combi boiler exchange and does not include any additional pipework required nor does it include a power flush. This is deemed as extra work and will be chargeable. No additional works will be carried out without the prior consent of the customer should the existing pipework not meet British Standard requirements.

As an example, the existing gas pipe being may be 15mm copper as opposed to the correct requirements for a 22 mm copper pipe direct from the gas supply (gas meter) or even an upgraded supply of 28 mm for higher output boilers.

For system upgrades
(conventional to combi)

Installation normally takes 2 to 5 days to complete. Dependent on location of the existing boiler and if the new boiler is being installed in a different location. Which would mean finding a drain for the condensate and altering the pipework to suit the new boiler and location of the flue, if the boiler will be installed in the old boiler position. The price includes removal of your hot water cylinder and all making the necessary changes to the pipework to run the hot water supply direct from your central heating boiler to your taps.

We will also disconnect your cold water supply from the water tank in your loft and remove them if possible as some takes are put in when the house was built, your hot water will now be under mains pressure and your heating system will also be now pressurised so we will check the system’s integrity under the new working pressures. Should you require the boiler to be moved to a new position, please ask what the extra charge will be for the new boiler position. No additional works will be carried out without the prior consent of the client.

On completion you will be issued with a Gas Safety installation certificate. The installation will be registered with Gas Safe and they will notify your Local Authority Building Control. This certificate is essential if you intend to sell your property in the near future as it will be revealed on a Land Charge Search. All our engineers are Gas Safe registered. It is against the law to install a boiler unless you are a registered competent person with Gas Safe.

Important information

If purchasing your own central heating boilers please check with Steve (0792 002 2035) before ordering one to find out if the boiler size is correct for your property. Or use our contact form to ask a question. As combi boilers are all about hot water delivery so the bigger you go the more the flow rate but due to the size of your property.

And pipework plus energy efficiency rules you may not be able to go bigger so we will be happy to give you some advice having checked your existing system also most manufactures give you a guarantee of between 1 and 7 yrs dependent on the boiler you have bought. If you supply your own boiler we cannot be held responsible for it having faults as we are just the installer and would point out any problems to you on installation